Product & taste studies

Market research from the first product idea to development of existing product range.


Product & taste studies

What came first, the product or the brand? Regardless if the product is a genuine innovation under a new brand that challenges the whole business or if it is a smaller development of the existing range, the product development should be quality assured by involving the intended target group.

Vadis Research have solutions to support the different phases and dimensions of the product development process:

• Idea screening – testing a larger number of product ideas to sift out the ideas with most potential for further development.

• Co-creation – heavy-users or early adopters are invited to be a creative part of the development process, which is preferably done through qualitative studies.

• Product concept – testing developed product concepts with an option to vary different parts of the concept for optimization.

• Taste test – randomized blind tests carried out either in hall or at home.

• Price analysis/elasticity – how is the purchase intention affected at different prices or offers.

• Product/packaging – test focusing on usage, including handling of package.

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