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Here you can find summaries of our own studies on current topics. We also collect links to articles that we have found interesting. We hope that they can serve as inspirations to others.

More are positive than negative to a general carbon dioxide tax

In a study conducted in February 2019 we see a higher share on the positive side for a general carbon dioxide tax on all products and services. The women are considerably more positive and the group up to 25 years of age and those above 75 years are less negative. Thomas Sterner, professor of environmental economy at the University of Göteborg says that it is generally agreed among experts in economy that such a tax would be the quickest way to help the climate (e g in an interview by SVT). The recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2018, Bill Nordhaus, is also in favour of such a tax (article from Forbes). With the Parliament goal that Sweden is to be climate neutral by 2045, a carbon dioxide tax can be an important tool in the process.

In the study we also find out what changes the consumers are willing to make in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas they generate.

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The Climate Consumer 2018

In the UN and in a national action plan Sweden has committed to achieve ambitious goals through Agenda 2030, e.g. concerning the climate.  But how is the awareness and understanding with the Swedish consumers concerning their own environmental footprint? What is the scope for decreasing the environmental footprint without renouncing the consumer’s perceived quality of life?

At what level of knowledge is the Swedish consumer concerning the climate impact from housing, travelling, food and drink? We all know that meat generates greenhouse gas, but what other types of food do consumers think are good or bad for the environment? What is the potential risk for different food categories with increased consumer knowledge concerning the environmental footprint? What is the need and interest in labelling products with climate impact?

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