Category studies

Market mapping offering a snapshot of product categories, but also show how the consumer would like to see them develop.

Category studies

Categories are constantly developing with new brands and products. To drive the category has been a success factor for a long time, regardless of business. The introduction of certain products causes the category boundaries to stretch or even converge with other categories and therefore needs re-defining altogether.

A market mapping answers several different dimensions, e.g.:

• Buyer profiles, who are heavy, medium and light/non-buyers in the category? How can they be segmented?

• Drivers in the category, what is important to the category target group? What are the barriers?

• How are the brands in the category positioned? Who buy and prefer specific brands and why?

• What is the potential for development and in what direction would the consumers want it to move?

Category Climate Screener

In order to reach the ambitious climate goals formulated by organizations and politicians, conversion in both consumer behaviour and product offering is needed. For brands there is even a business opportunity in being associated with sustainability and climate-smart products while brands who do not, risk losing both reputation and sales as the importance of the climate increases.

Category Climate Screener gives answers to how a product category is associated with the climate issue and how the brands are positioned from a climate perspective. Who are the winners and losers respectively in a conversion to a more sustainable consumer behaviour in the category? How does the consumer want the category to develop in order to reduce the carbon footprint?


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